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Acreage living, why so many people are choosing to move out of the city

A life in or near an urban area can be very enticing, promising access to cultural institutions, fine dining, great schools, and an enhanced opportunity for career growth. However, the demands of living in a city or the near suburbs aren’t for everyone, and the benefits aren’t always fun forever.
After years living at the hectic pace of a big city lifestyle, it’s not uncommon for city dwellers to seek a calmer, quieter way of life. The result? A growing number of young adults and families alike are fleeing big cities and settling in the countryside where there’s plenty of space to enjoy increased comfort.

A Mass City Migration

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many different lifestyle changes no one saw coming, from wearing masks to social distancing. However, a mass exodus from cities across Australia is among the most surprising.When restaurants and entertainment venues shut down, businesses transitioned from standard office spaces to work from home setups, and stores set strict hours that limited access, the appeal of living in a major metropolitan area diminished significantly. Many people in downtown apartments or even close suburbs found themselves in tight quarters without anywhere to go or anything to do. As such, urban flight has been among the top trends of 2020.

Sydney in particular is greatly affected; the city saw a net migration loss of 25,000 people. And while some moved to other cities throughout the country, like Melbourne and Brisbane, others swapped high rises for the comforts of acreage in the country. Further, many jobs are sticking with work from home models, at least for the foreseeable future, giving those formerly tied to city centres an opportunity to move away without sacrificing employment.
The Benefits of Acreage Living

There are plenty of benefits of acreage living that those looking for a new way of life can consider, from a more comfortable lifestyle to more affordable housing prices.

Lower Housing Costs

Cities are generally far more expensive to call home, demanding sky-high rents for small apartments or townhomes. However, the opposite is true outside city centres and immediate suburbs. Acreage land tends to be far cheaper than cramped downtown spaces, giving homeowners access to more house for less money. For the price of a two bedroom apartment in a high cost of living city like Sydney, it’s possible to secure a multi-bedroom home with plenty of room to spread out in a more rural environment.
More Space

Quarantining at home for months on end taught many people the value of space. When working from home becomes reality and schools and businesses are temporarily shut, multiple bedrooms, recreational spaces, and office options are far more appealing.

Moving out of the city means access to more space, giving homeowners a way to create a comfortable environment, even when spending a majority of time at home. For those who want land to garden, keep small livestock, or simply get some breathing room from neighbours, homes on acreage land can provide the space necessary.
On acreage land, there’s no living in crowded apartment buildings, townhomes attached to one another, or cramped properties in busy suburbs.

Homes to suit you

In a city, there’s generally not a way to create your own space. Apartments, units, and suburban homes are packed tightly together with no room to build or expand. For buyers and renters, this means choosing from available options and making the best of pre-existing structures.

However, this isn’t true on acreage land. With plenty of room to choose an acreage home design that actually suits you, leaving the city means a home that can tick all of your boxes. A new build can ensure you get the right number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces and it doesn’t stop there. You can go on to landscape your home with features like patios, decks, water features, or even pools. With the space accessible outside the city, the residence of your dreams is always within reach.

Lower Crime Rates

In general, cities have higher crime rates than rural spaces. It’s not universal, but for those looking for a safer way to raise a family or retire, there’s no better place than on acreage land. When homes are spread out and stores and restaurants aren’t within walking distance, criminals don’t have the same resources as in a downtown area. In a more rural location, it’s much easier to sleep soundly at night knowing that crime rates are lower and land is safer.

Leaving the city may sound like a strange choice, but it’s among the top housing trends of 2020. Lifestyle housing is now more appealing than ever, providing a way to break free from the confines of a larger metropolis. With the realities of life in a pandemic emphasizing the importance of a lifestyle predicated on comfort and space, moving from city to country is appealing indeed. Take a look at our average home designs

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