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How to style a Hamptons style home

Sophisticated, yet warmly comfortable, the Hamptons style has developed to become very iconic and sought after. It has a bright, clean look, which enhances the feeling of spaciousness and comfort in any environment. It is a great way to value every corner of your home, better utilise natural lighting, as well as embrace a style that is one of the best combinations of modern and old-fashioned home designs. The Hamptons is a particular home decor approach that is continually evolving, in line with the needs of modern homeowners. Today, this specific style seems like a perfect fit for the preference and needs of so many people. Keep reading to learn more about pulling off the perfect Hamptons interior look!

Colour themes

What makes the Hamptons style so distinctive is the fact that it the colour scheme is founded on soft and unobtrusive colours. This makes for a more relaxing and clean-looking environment, with the ability to make every room of the home appear incredibly spacious and bright. You don’t have to stick to any specific colour scheme, but generally speaking, opting for colours that aren’t as bold and obvious can be a great idea. From traditional white and light blue schemes to pastel shades of pink and yellow, anything goes for this home design.

Accessories and materials.

The Hamptons style is often defined by the colour and texture of the accessories that animate the interior design of a home. In most cases, it is important that the accessories do not create an obnoxious contrast with the colour scheme of the home design, but it is important they add some tasteful accents to the design. You want to achieve a relaxing look that exudes calm and serenity, but without feeling dull and flat.

Balancing your materials can also be a key element to your interior design if you want to get a unique take on the timeless Hamptons style. You can also include elements into the design such as old-fashioned wallpaper or farm-style furniture to give a touch of originality to your vision. Alternatively, modernising the home is another option, supporting the versatility of the Hamptons style home design.

Geometry and Symmetry

One of the most iconic aspects of the traditional Hamptons look is the fact that the interiors often have a distinctive geometric aspect to them. While this particular aspect is becoming a bit looser in the modern version of the Hamptons style, you can still create some beautiful aesthetics by playing with shapes and creating beautiful patterns with structures and accessories. This is especially amazing for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, where geometric shapes can enhance the character of the rooms. Some people also love to create little visual themes with geometry, subtly following the design concept in every room of the house. In most cases, it is best to avoid hard shapes if you are interested in obtaining a more neutral look. One of the most iconic characteristics of the Hamptons style, especially in its most modern rendition, is definitely the fact that it relies on soft shapes, which can seamlessly feature in many rooms, without necessarily bringing to much focus on themselves.

Functionality as beauty.

Another important aspect of the Hamptons look is the fact that it seldom features ornamental objects just for the sake of it. In fact, many of the aesthetic elements that define this particular style are also quite useful and provide more versatility to the home. For instance, large windows or skylights can be a defining factor in the looks of your Hamptons-style home, but it is also important to note that they provide a very specific function as well: letting some natural light in! This adds a specific tone to your home, as well as saving money on lighting, and reducing mould.

The same goes for other design elements, such as workbenches, as well as lamps and overhead lights. Because functionality is so seamlessly integrated with aesthetics, the Hamptons style is often described as leaning towards minimalism. This can be an amazing solution if you are looking for a place that is beautiful and richly nuanced, yet not distracting and cluttered, leading to a much fresher look for your day to day life.

Coming up with the perfect Hamptons-style look is really all about keeping things simple and allowing “less” to be “more”. You don’t need to go over the top with colours and shapes, and subtlety is the key element here. Last, but not least, get creative! It is important to remember that this is your dream home at the end of the day. Interior design styles are not meant to impose rules of restrictions. Think of it as a guideline, which can help you achieve your vision. If your heart designs something a bit different, do not be afraid to think outside the box and go along with it! Your Hamptons style home with other elements that you think of might integrate better with your personal taste, vision, and preferences. One of the many reasons why the Hamptons style home is so popular almost everywhere is the fact that it is so versatile. This iconic approach to interior design is infinitely adaptable, and it can serve as a template for people to create their own personal style.

The Hamptons home design can seamlessly swing towards a more traditional or old-fashioned style if you love vintage vibes. However, the very same style can be a perfect bedrock if you want to embrace a more spacious and more modern approach. Either way, the Hamptons home design is an amazing style that you should definitely consider for your new home.


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