interior colours are trending in 2020

What home interior colours are trending in 2020

Are you looking to freshen up the looks of your home in 2020? If this is the case, this article is for you. Join us as we take a closer look at some of the trendiest interior colours this year. Why are they popular? What are the perks of each, and why are they so sought after? Each colour brings something special to the table, and ultimately it is really all about your personal taste and preferences.


Champagne is definitely one of the most popular colour options for interior design in 2020. It offers the same perks as a brighter tint, without the excessive use of plain white. Champagne is going to give you a warmer cream-like tint, which fits well with most environments. Whether you are going for a vintage style or a modern feel, champagne is right for you. This particular colour option is also quite a good fit with some of the most popular interior design styles today, including Hamptons or even Boho, which are all the rage these days.

Lemon Yellow

Sparkly, bright and pleasant, Lemon Yellow is a truly amazing choice if you want to give your home a colourful retro feel. Many Mediterranean-style homes feature this particular colour, particularly in their kitchen areas. Lemon Yellow works well with materials such as tile and other reflective surfaces, giving your home a much brighter feel.

Fiesta Red

Fiesta Red, also referred to as Pumpkin Red, is a colour that was essentially all over from the late 60s to the 70s. Movie theatres, hotel rooms, car interiors, you name it. This colour has been long tied to the imagery of that era, in it is now back in full blast. This trending colour is a perfect option to add a cosier, warmer tint to any room. It works well in bedrooms as well as living room areas. However, it can also be quite awesome in a kitchen, paired up with natural elements such as wood, marble, or rock. This colour has a vintage vibe, but it can also fit well with a minimalistic tone.


Fuchsia (also known as “fucsia”) is a trendy colour that is named after the plant by the same name, famous for its brightly coloured flowers. Somewhere in between purple and pink, this colour was quite huge in the 80s and early 90s, and it is actually making a big comeback. Some people love to use fuchsia for highlights, such as using it to paint doors and window frames in order to give their rooms a more vibrant environment. This is a bold choice and it is definitely something that will go on to redefine the entire look and feel of any room.


Teal is a darker, smooth colour which is perfectly suited for most modern environments. It is a perfect mood-setter with a slightly industrial vibe to it, which makes it perfect for a boho style or a post-industrial approach to your home decor. The teal tint could vary from being opaque and closer to a deep grey, down to being almost like emerald green or a navy blue, making for a lot of distinctive possibilities. Matte, lighter shades of teal work well with other colours, such as cream or champagne, as well as materials such as brass, dark woods, and chrome.


This might seem like the old go-to, but there is a reason why white is still going strong. It is a seamless, open, and bright colour that sets the bar very high in terms of versatility. It blends in well with so many different environments, and it works with a huge range of materials. In addition to that, it can really help a room feel bigger, especially if you use windows, skylights, and other features that increase the intake of natural light in your home. White is a colour that works well in low light settings as well because it is a bit more reflective. This means that you can use smaller light bulbs and warmer lights in order to illuminate a fairly large room. Darker colours will not reflect as much light as white, so you will need more artificial lighting to achieve the same brightness in a room.


Sand (sometimes referred to as “desert” or “desert sand”) is another modern classic with roots in a bygone era. This colour has a very colonial twist to it, and it is perfect for farmhouses with a more exotic twist, inspired by the decor of India, North Africa, the Mediterranean, or The Middle East. Although this colour has somewhat of an exotic vibe, it is surprisingly sober and seamless. It works well with materials such as tile, porcelain, gold, or brass, going for a truly unique creative solution. Some people also love to go for 2-tone options, for example, by using sand for their walls and light green or teal for the ceiling or other highlights. This colour is indeed quite versatile, and it is a favourite of modern interior designers because it paves the way to a huge range of possibilities to go beyond the usual pairings while still retaining a classy, minimalistic style.

These are only some of the many options out there. When it comes to colours and pairings, your personal preferences are essential, and there are so many things you can do. Most people like to come up with a perfect compromise between their personal preference and a style that they like, according to current trends. This way, you will enjoy the perks of living in a home that you truly feel connected with on a personal level, but that will also give you the feeling of having a modern, fresh outlook on your interior.

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